Selected works of Ho-Mui Wong,
a New York City-based graphic designer.

MTV Hive Infographics

Graphically commenting on pop culture news.

The New York Jets Quarterbacks Index of Good and Evil

For, collaboration with writer and lifelong Jets fan Claire Lobenfeld

ReadyMade Magazine

Art direction, design, and illustration from ReadyMade, a now-defunct publication that focused on DIY culture.

(Completed while freelancing at Rumors)

Select spreads

The FADER: Infographics

Layouts and infographics from The FADER magazine.

"Show Me Love" explores the connections made between different bands through cover songs. "The Drugs Might Work" shows the influences upon and of Primal Scream's Screamadelica album.

(Creative direction from Justin Thomas Kay)

"Show Me Love" layout and details

"The Drugs Might Work" layout and detail

The FADER: Layouts

Layouts from The FADER magazine, "the definitive voice of emerging music and the lifestyle that surrounds it."

(Creative direction from Justin Thomas Kay)

From FADER 71

From FADER 72

The Way Things Work

Infographics for a column on The FADER website.



Ninth Letter V6 N2, Deciduousness: The Mechanism

Ander Monson's "Deciduousness: The Mechanism" describes the human condition through the lens of time travel. The imagery is simultaneously humanistic and mechanical, and the folds force the reader to physically interact with the piece.

Ninth Letter is a literary magazine produced at the University of Illinois.

(w/ Brett Tabolt)

Cover and select spread


Imagery sketches

New York Times Op-Ed Puzzle

This puzzle was published in the New York Times Op-Ed section on Boxing Day and appropriately uses "boxes" as its theme. I illustrated the icons and worked on production aspects of the piece.

(completed while interning at Rumors)

Cleopatra's "Trade Secrets"

Catalogue for an exhibition by Cleopatra's at John Connelly Presents called Trade Secrets.

The exhibition consisted of four art objects made by four different artists in a room. Each day, a new artist would take an object and replace it with one of their own, creating a series of trades. Each artist also recorded their trade on graphite forms created Joy Drury Cox.

The catalogue documents the trades chronologically and also shows the number of days each art object stayed in the space.

(completed while interning at Rumors)

Select spreads

University of Illinois
Visitors Center Video

Motion and timelapse segments of a 36-minute video produced for the Visitors Center at the university. The purpose was to get prospective students excited about going to Illinois.

Select segments

Audio for segment below composed by Nate Baltikas


Snippets, experiments, failures